Driftwood Carvings

The driftwood for these carvings, has been collected from Aberavon Beach, Nash Point and Southern Down, all located in South Wales.

Rather than cutting the driftwood into boards and creating flat carvings, branches have been left whole, and the design carved onto the branch / log.

This means that the carving is not completely smooth, neither is the carving perfect, as on some of the carvings, pieces of the driftwood crumbled away.

If you want a perfect carving with no blemishes then these are not for you. If however, you like the unusual and see a blemish as character, then these may well be for you.

The carving you choose is the one you will receive as each carving is unique. Future carvings may see the same design, but the piece of driftwood will always be different.

If you click on the images below, you will see further pictures of the carving progress.

One thing to point out though. The images may not show all the blemishes. As on the Terms & Conditions page, with the Distance Selling Regulations, if when you receive your driftwood carving you decide that is not for you, you have 7 days to return it for a full refund.

driftwood 1

Driftwood Carving 1


30 x 7 cm - Price - £45


driftwood 2

Driftwood Carving 2


24 x 13 cm - Price - £45



driftwood 3

Driftwood Carving 3


35 x 9 cm - Price - £55




Driftwood Carving 4


29 x 8 cm - Price £55 Sold





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