About Us

Principle Lovespoons Wales carver Paul Wadge has been carving Lovespoons since the middle of the 1980s, in order to satisfy the need for a Lovespoon to complete his "exiles corner" whilst living outside of Wales.

Many Lovespoons available appeared to be machine made, but Paul wanted a lovespoon hand carved as tradition dictates, little knowing where that first Lovespoon would lead.

On returning to Wales in 1990, Paul began carving Lovespoons for a couple of local shops, before setting up by himself in the early 1990s. A return to University in 1994 brought an end to the carving, whilst the academic path was followed.

The original Lovespoons Wales website was set up in 2002, with the business Lovespoons Wales following shortly afterwards.

Three moves later, Lovespoons Wales is now established in the current workshop, working with Dave Thomas a commercial woodturner, and Dafydd Hughes an architectural wood carver.

Whilst Lovespoons Wales may have grown over the years, the same love and attention to detail applies to each and every Lovespoon produced by Lovespoons Wales. each Lovespoon is a real gift of love - a love letter carved in wood.

See Paul at work on You Tube